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So life has been very busy! Time for an update so here we go:


We've been in our new house for a little over a month now. Closing was delayed but we finally got in. Our first night spent in the house was actually Brent's birthday and it was the best present ever even though the only things we had were an Aerobed, sheets, towels, a camp stove and saucepan (appliances and our moving PODS were thankfully delivered the next day.)

We've started painting and sprucing up the place already. The first room to be painted is our master bedroom (then the kitchen, then an alcove in the living room and then the baby's room.) I'm also contemplating painting our laundry room a sunny yellow but I am trying to pace myself. We've been hanging tons of art and it's been fun to try and map out the layout and furniture for each room.


I seriously feel awesome.... I never did get morning sickness or nausea or even food aversions. I feel bad for some of the ladies in my due date club because most of them have had it really rough. I had great energy in the first trimester and now that I'm in the second trimester I am still feeling decidedly not pregnant! I'm still wearing all my old clothes and have only gained about 5 lbs so far (and I swear more than half of that has gone to my *ahem* chest area.)


I've been able to maintain about 60 to 75% raw foods diet while pregnant. I did end up adding eggs and other things because of intense protein cravings but outside of that I'm maintaining rather well. Smoothies were a lifesaver when we were living at the Hilton business suites while waiting to close. Thank god for hotels with blenders in the room.

Ok so pictures!

Kitchen bar and part of breakfast nook

View of breakfast nook

So this is our kitchen currently... we plan on adding/changing a few things (including paint and a tile backsplash!) You can view notes I've made explaining things here Flickr notes and additional pics for kitchen

Looking down the hallway to bath

Master Bedroom

This is our master bedroom... it's about halfway painted now so I should hopefully have new pictures of it soon. We will be adding more furniture, new light/fan fixture and different window treatments. See Flickr notes and additional pics for master bedroom

Nursery! View from doorway

And this is the nursery... lots of changes in here including paint (low VOC paint is expensive holy cow!!), book/toy storage and some art that Brent is planning on making etc. Flickr notes and additional pics for nursery


15 weeks

So here is our latest... this was taken last friday at 15 weeks. This friday I will be 16 weeks (which is 4 months) so we'll update with a new shot then...

Here is a comparison shot of me at 9 weeks:

9 weeks

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