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Our (almost) finished kitchen

We finished painting the kitchen over the weekend and I am so thrilled with out it turned out. This was our kitchen before:

Kitchen bar and part of breakfast nook

Beige Blah Blech....

View of breakfast nook


And this is our kitchen after:

Kitchen bar and part of breakfast nook

View of breakfast nook

Standing in breakfast nook

I love my kitchen now... we aren't completely finished with it but the paint alone is such an improvement. We definitely want to do a tile back splash, we need a much deeper sink and we want to change the counter tops to either granite or silestone quartz. None of these things will likely be happening this year because we are just running out of time until the baby gets here.

The Master bedroom has been painted but we still need two bedside tables and I need to buy bamboo for a headboard. Hopefully I can take some shots of it soon. The next room that needs to be painted is the dining room... then the baby's room and then one of the guest rooms upstairs. I really hope I can get all this done before I get to term.
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