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Cavan's 1st Thanksgiving   
02:30pm 04/12/2009
mood: accomplished
Kitchen chaos

More Kitchen Chaos...Collapse )
Trip to the beach   
10:10am 01/12/2009
mood: bouncy
He is almost 4 months


More of my boysCollapse )

I am so happy!
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I can't stop kissing him   
09:45am 12/10/2009
mood: loved

Can you blame me...?Collapse )
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Cavan Alexander   
12:06pm 10/09/2009
mood: loved

About 20 minutes after he was born... (we had a homebirth... no drugs or interventions)

2 days old

2 days old

8 Days Old

8 days old


3 weeks old
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A massive picture update   
12:13pm 02/08/2009
mood: accomplished
I'm 39 weeks and 2 days today.

We've been taking tons of pictures each week to finish documenting the pregnancy. Here are a few from 34 weeks to current:

Click to seeCollapse )

We have finished designing his birth announcements and I am currently pre-addressing all the envelopes (to cut down on what I have to do when he is here). We've got a few errands to run and a couple more things I'd like to get done but if he came today we would be more than ready for him.
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33 weeks   
07:09pm 19/06/2009
mood: artistic
I'm late with this one but here is our 32 week shot:Collapse )

And here is our 33 week shot:

33 weeks!

I am feeling terrific and nesting up a storm. In the past week I have cleaned all 28 windows in our house, wiped down all the baseboards, painted the laundry room (random I know) and reorganized the garage.

Our sons respiratory system is almost completely mature. He can detect light now and his pupils constrict and dilate in response to it.

He weighs about 4½ pounds, about the same as a pineapple, and is approximately 17.5 inches long.

Here is a sneak peak at our "maternity shots"... Brent and I considered hiring a photographer but they are fairly scarce in our area and the ones we did find had really trite bodies of work. Ultimately we decided we'd rather put the $500 to $1000 (depending on which "package" we went with) into savings or the house and just take the shots ourselves:

Bendy bendyCollapse )
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31 weeks   
01:44pm 10/06/2009
mood: peaceful
31 weeks!

and if my hair looks different it's because............. IT IS:

New hair

Ta da! I am now a brunette!
30 weeks and a Carseat   
02:07pm 29/05/2009
mood: hungry
30 weeks today!

30 weeks!

Our carseat got delivered today (thanks mum!)... Brent had fun opening it:

Click for picturesCollapse )
Our (almost) finished kitchen   
09:04pm 25/05/2009
mood: excited
We finished painting the kitchen over the weekend and I am so thrilled with out it turned out. This was our kitchen before:

Kitchen bar and part of breakfast nook

Beige Blah Blech....

View of breakfast nook


And this is our kitchen after: CLICKCollapse )

I love my kitchen now... we aren't completely finished with it but the paint alone is such an improvement. We definitely want to do a tile back splash, we need a much deeper sink and we want to change the counter tops to either granite or silestone quartz. None of these things will likely be happening this year because we are just running out of time until the baby gets here.

The Master bedroom has been painted but we still need two bedside tables and I need to buy bamboo for a headboard. Hopefully I can take some shots of it soon. The next room that needs to be painted is the dining room... then the baby's room and then one of the guest rooms upstairs. I really hope I can get all this done before I get to term.
29 weeks   
01:50pm 23/05/2009
mood: accomplished
29 weeks!

He is really low still and I think transverse (sideways). He should flip into proper position sometime in the next month or so.

Nesting has kicked into high gear and I have an unreal need to paint a bunch of rooms in this house. Whats painted so far are the master, living room accent walls and as of today... the kitchen:

Kitchen During

The color is Sherwin Williams Halcyon Green. We want to eventually do the back splash but haven't worked out which tile we like yet and would need to budget for it.
28 weeks   
08:58am 17/05/2009
mood: irritated
28 weeks

28 weeks... 7 month mark! We have 12 weeks left...

Yesterday at our appointment our midwife welcomed us to the third trimester. Sobering indeed. I think we both sank a little deeper into the couch. We get asked a lot if we are ready. I have decided to look at it like this: whether we are "ready" or not isn't really the point. He's coming so we don't have the option.

We're continuing to amass our birth supplies... there are now 200 bendy straws in my pantry for instance (thanks Ikea!) and Brent knows how Virginia takes her coffee (very important stuff people!)

Our son is 15 inches long, about the length of an amusement park cinnamon-sugar-coated churro (something I can honestly say I have no desire to eat) and he weighs about 3 lbs. He can open and close his eyes now... and they have color (though not the true color they will be. That won't happen until 9 months or so after his birth.)

Click for some good ol' fashioned complainingCollapse )
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Pregnancy brain   
01:29pm 13/05/2009
mood: nostalgic
I keep forgetting to update this thing! So here is another picture heavy update:

Click for 22 weeks to 27 weeksCollapse )

I'll be 28 weeks (7 months) this Friday and entering the 3rd trimester! Tick tock! We are starting to buy our birth supplies now (our midwife brings most of it but we just want to be extra prepared.) I've been nesting up a storm and trying to get as much done around the house as possible. Our bedroom is finally painted and we are going to change the light fixture next week. I hope we can get our bedside tables soon also. The kitchen is next on the agenda.

The baby shower is currently being planned... or I should say for the most part planned. My girls came up with a "high tea theme" (colors are blue and brown) so Brent will stay just as long as it takes to eat half the food and then he'll be taking the "menfolk" fishing or to a nearby driving range. Brent wanted to feel like he was a part of the shower so the girls "allowed" him to design and put together the invitations. Here is what he came up with:

Click to see 'emCollapse )

Most of the invitations have been sent out already with just a few more left to do. Lots of family and friends who we knew could not make it requested invitations as keepsakes. A whopping 54 invitations total are being sent out between our two families with only 22 of those people actually coming to the shower! It's pretty darn crazy. The only thing I have been allowed input on is the menu... which suits me just fine since I'm only showing up for the food anyway! There will be a selection of the requisite tea sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream, tarts, fruit, tea cakes, lots of petit fours as well as some more substantial food for the guys. Should be fun!

Outside of that we have been spending lots of time at the beach or fishing. This move was the best decision we ever made... a few highlights of the past month:

New swimsuit (6 months pregnant)

Me at 6.5 months... finally caved and bought a new suit since my old ones were getting a bit... indecent lol

Brent's catch

Brent catching us all dinner

It knows it's dinner! Muhaha

Florida Bowfin... almost 7 lbs and 22 inches long
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Loads and loads of pictures   
09:41pm 30/03/2009
mood: full
Update time!

19, 20 and 21 week shots!Collapse )

The other exciting thing we have going on is that we had our ultrasound and were able to find out the sex............

It's a..................................

CLICKCollapse )

Here are some of the ultrasound picturesCollapse )

Hope you like 'em!
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18 weeks   
03:54pm 11/03/2009
mood: full
18 weeks

Much more defined bump now! High waist pants are starting to get a bit more tight...
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17 weeks   
08:58pm 27/02/2009
mood: crazy
I think the baby decided to invite some friends over today and have a party in my uterus!

17 weeks

Definitely starting to see something now!
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11:48am 24/02/2009
mood: creative
We're starting to plan and buy plants for the front yard. We've got a long way to go but this weekend we bought these:

Hydrangea and Bougainvillea

Lacecap Hydrangea and two "Surprise" Bougainvillea's (this variety of bougainvillea is called "Surprise" because of the variegated pattern of whites and pinks)... I think we will be getting two more of the Hydrangeas to line the back edge of the front garden. The Bougainvilleas will be put in the side beds flanked by two Plumbago's


Another shot of the Hydrangea... such a beautiful plant.
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11:27pm 20/02/2009
mood: loved
This is our new little friend. She belongs to the neighbors on the other side of the street but frequently (like once or twice a day) wanders into our house like she owns it. We have set up a water/food dish for her and a litter box because she's really a precious kitty... very loving and affectionate and her owners seem to let her roam free.

Kitty!!Collapse )

She is currently sleeping on my legs
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4 month mark!!!!!!!!!!   
12:28pm 20/02/2009
mood: thirsty
16 weeks today and rolling right along!

16 weeks... 4 month mark!

After breakfast....

I'm starting to feel a touch thicker but my clothes are still fitting fine. I'd love to prolong having to go to a maternity store for the whole darn pregnancy but that is not going to happen. My goal is to make it to at least the 5 month mark... but a lot can happen in 4 weeks so that might just be a pipe dream. I have two pairs of jeans (Levi's Super Low's and Gap Ultra Low's) that I might be able to get away with wearing for the entire pregnancy because of where the rise sits.
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11:46am 18/02/2009
mood: energetic
So life has been very busy! Time for an update so here we go:


We've been in our new house for a little over a month now. Closing was delayed but we finally got in. Our first night spent in the house was actually Brent's birthday and it was the best present ever even though the only things we had were an Aerobed, sheets, towels, a camp stove and saucepan (appliances and our moving PODS were thankfully delivered the next day.)

We've started painting and sprucing up the place already. The first room to be painted is our master bedroom (then the kitchen, then an alcove in the living room and then the baby's room.) I'm also contemplating painting our laundry room a sunny yellow but I am trying to pace myself. We've been hanging tons of art and it's been fun to try and map out the layout and furniture for each room.


I seriously feel awesome.... I never did get morning sickness or nausea or even food aversions. I feel bad for some of the ladies in my due date club because most of them have had it really rough. I had great energy in the first trimester and now that I'm in the second trimester I am still feeling decidedly not pregnant! I'm still wearing all my old clothes and have only gained about 5 lbs so far (and I swear more than half of that has gone to my *ahem* chest area.)


I've been able to maintain about 60 to 75% raw foods diet while pregnant. I did end up adding eggs and other things because of intense protein cravings but outside of that I'm maintaining rather well. Smoothies were a lifesaver when we were living at the Hilton business suites while waiting to close. Thank god for hotels with blenders in the room.

Ok so pictures!

House picturesCollapse )


Belly picturesCollapse )
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02:02am 17/12/2008
mood: full
The movers are coming tomorrow to pack up the apartment. We've been eating leftovers and using up all the food in the fridge to keep it from going to waste. What we've been eating the last two days for dinner:

Curry veggies over saffron rice

Curried vegetables over saffron scented rice.

Vegan burrito with black bean "meat"

Burrito with black bean "meat" and guacamole.

Both dishes are vegan!
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